Annual Prose & Poetry Contest

Contest OPENS DECEMBER 1st 2019

Contest Entries December 1st 2019 to April 30th 2020
1st Prize (Poetry and Fiction) $500 Sponsored by Frontenac House and AWCS
2nd Prize (Poetry and Fiction) $250. Sponsored by Freehand Books
3rd Prize (Poetry and Fiction) $75.00 Sponsored by FreeFall Literary Society
Honourable Mention (Poetry and Fiction) $25.00 Sponsored by Freehand Books

All contest entries are also automatically entered into the Lynn Fraser Memorial contest for a chance to win $100.

2018 Winners


1st Place: Wayne Yetman for “Cuidado”
2nd Place: Sile Englert for “Selvedge”
3rd Place: Travis Oltmann for “Veneration”


1st Place: Bruce Meyer for “To the Manor Born
2nd place: Hadeel Abdel-Nabi for “A Man Yelled at me in the Alley and I Liked It
3rd Place: Mark Sampson for “Dracula, Count of Transylvania, Does an MFA in Creative Writing”
Honourable Mention: Bruce Meyer for “On First Looking into Bark’s Rumi”
Honourable Mention: Neil Griffin for Two Hypotheses on the Formation of Saturn's Rings”
Honourable Mention: Rhonda Collis for “Bioluminescence Bay”

Lynn C. Fraser Memorial Award

Suzanne Johnson for “The Art of Falling”

Previous Annual Contest Winners

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