Annual Prose & Poetry Contest OPEN

Contest OPEN DEC 1, 2020 - April 30, 2021

Over $1700.00 in Prizes
1st Prize (Poetry and Fiction) $500 Sponsored by Frontenac House and AWCS
2nd Prize (Poetry and Fiction) $250. Sponsored by Freehand Books
3rd Prize (Poetry and Fiction) $75.00 Sponsored by FreeFall Literary Society
Honourable Mention (Poetry and Fiction) $25.00 Sponsored by Freehand Books

All contest entries are also automatically entered into the Lynn Fraser Memorial contest for a chance to win $100.


Natalie Meisner is a playwright, an award-winning multi-genre author, and 5th Poet Laureate of Calgary. Baddie One Shoe (Frontenac) is a collection of odes to renegade women who fight the powers that be with laughter. Legislating Love: The Everett Klippert Story (University of Calgary Press)  illuminates the life of a beloved Calgary bus driver and the last Canadian to be jailed for homosexuality. Her play Boom Baby won both the Canadian National & the Alberta Playwriting Award. Speed Dating for Sperm Donors (Playwright’s Canada Press) was a hit at Lunchbox & Neptune. Double Pregnant: Two Lesbians Make a Family (Fernwood) topped non-fiction lists and her first book for kids My Mommy, My Mama My Brother & Me (Nimbus) is about a two-mom biracial family finding community. 
Her new play Area 33 is about fraud in the lobster industry and the search for signs of intelligent life in the universe.  Meisner is a wife and mom to two great boys and a Professor in the Department of English at Mount Royal University where she works in the areas of creative writing, drama and gender/ sexuality studies.   www.nataliemeisner.com


Entry fee: $25.00 (includes one year subscription for your first entry only)*
Additional entries $5.00 (at time of original entry only)

Maximum 3000 words prose, or 5 poems per entry.
Both Electronic entries and Mailed entries must be received on or before April 30, 2021.
Only previously unpublished work may be entered. No simultaneous entries.
Prose entries must be:
Double spaced with a title
Page number at the top of each page
NO authors name on manuscript

Poetry entries must be:
Single spaced
NO author’s name on manuscript
Poems that run more than one page require a title and page number at the top of each page.

Mailed Submissions General Formatting page size: 8.5” X 11” , all margins: 1.5”, 12 pt Times New Roman font. Please save as doc or docx.

Please Note - Short listed entries may be selected for publication to round out the issue and will be paid the standard rate.

Enter On -Line

and pay with PayPal (you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay with PayPal) and you may use your credit card.

To download a pdf entry form to mail in your entry click here.

* out of country entrants will receive a digital edition subscription unless they wish to pay the postage.



1st Place: “Three Bucks” by G. A. Grisenthwaite
2nd Place: “Roll, Pitch, and Yaw” by Alana Rigby
3rd Place: “A Tea Party for Nomi” by Cadence Mandybura
Honourable Mention: “By the Numbers” by Blaine Newton


1st Place: “Curmudgeon” by Carol Harvey Steski
2nd Place: “Place of Origin, Unmapped” by Kim Fahner
3rd Place: “Atrial Fibrillation: My Husband Gets A New Diagnosis” by Marsha Barber
Honourable Mention: “Questions for David in the Presence of Death” by Simon Peter Eggertsen

Lynn C. Fraser Memorial Award

This year’s award goes to Justin Faba for “The Apprentice” and Mark Johnston for “The Thief, the Crier, and those Damned Dark Ages.” The Lynn C. Fraser Memorial Award was established in memory of longtime FreeFall editor and friend, Lynn Fraser, in honour of hergenerous spirit and infectious sense of humour.

Micheline Maylor Prize for Poetic Excellence

This year’s award goes to Anna Navarro for “Sestina: First and Second Loves.” The Micheline Maylor Prize for Poetic Excellence was established for a poem of excellence as chosen by Dr. Micheline Maylor.



The Thief, the Crier, and those Damned Dark Ages
Phoebe's Five-Finger Revolt
By the Numbers
Roll, Pitch, and Yaw
The Canary's Calling
Three Bucks
Tea Party for Nomi
Barred with White
The Voynich Manuscript


Arc Welding and the Sorcery of Premonition in Beijing, 1989 Tiananmen Square Revisited
What I Need is Another Hole in the Head
Questions for David in the Presence of Death
Mixed Medium
The Blurb
Filthy Rich
Notes from a Galaxy Far, Far Away
Watershed Moments Snorkeling Finless in the Pacific. Costa Rica
Place of Origin, Unmapped
Atrial Fibrillation: My Husband Gets a New Diagnosis
Press 0 to Speak Directly to God
Stubborn Fucks
Midnight on the Gibson River
Shark Teeth
Test Case
Ballad of a Free Man
The Kettle Bomber
Death MachineDrDeath’s Mechanical Syringe Delivered Potassium chlorideInto patients’ Veins 
Decision-Making Time
First and Second Loves

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