2016 Prose Winners

1st place:Timestamp” by C.E. Mandybura
2nd place: “Scabby-Nosed Girl in a Bowler Hat” by Jann Everard
3rd place:The Sound of the Engine Rising” by Keltie Zabco
Honourable Mention:Justice” by Ketih Worthington

2016 Poetry WinNers

1st place: “Crow and His Children” by Cornelia Hoogland
2nd place:Prairie Winter” by dee Hobsbawn Smith
3rd place:Things That Are Yours” by Angela Dillon
Honourable Mention:My Husband Drowns the Rats” by Marsha Barber

Announcing the winner of the Lynn C. Fraser Memorial Award:

I still haven’t learned how to swim” by matt sutton


99 Steps
Ghost Child
Inside my brain
My Husband Drowns the Rats
The Beginning of Seeing
Prairie Winter
The Hard Rules of Seawater
Crow and His Children
Things that are yours
Field Recording
Bird's Population
this two sided coin
Horoscope for Robbie Burns
Firing Range


Acreage Games
One Eight Hundred
The Sound of the Engine Rising
Scabby-Nosed Girl in a Bowler Hat
The Collector

2015 Prose Winners

1st Place:The Dong” by Sarah Butson
2nd Place:Penny Blossom” by Anna Brooks
3rd Place:Day of the Dead” by Cassy Welburn

2015 Poetry WinNers

1st Place:Daydreaming Tricia” by Michael Fraser
2nd Place: Finlandia” by Ellie Sawatzky
3rd Place:The Union Dead” by Michael Fraser
Honourable Mention:Old Bob's Shadow” by Ron Ostrander

2015 Prose Short List

Welcome to Khyber Agency
Trust Me
The Embrace
Penny Blossom
The Dong
Day of the Dead

2015 Poetry Short List

Daydreaming Tricia
Green Card
Finding Elkford
Batter’s box
known and strange things
Coureur de bois
cottage slum
The Union dead
for the price of a penny
Garage Sonnet
Old Bob’s Shadow

2014 Winners


1st Place: “Grand Junction” by Michael Fraser
2nd Place: “On Customers” by Amber Moore
3rd Place: “The Thin Man” by Bruce Meyer
Honourable Mention: “Non-Fiction” by Michael Prior


1st Place: “Commerce” by Joy J. Henry
2nd Place: “Spider” by Paul André Betito
3rd Place: “Canada’s Breakup Guide” by Dorothy Reno
Honourable Mention: “Eggshells and Painted Ladies” by Kim McCullough
The Lynn Fraser Memorial Award: “You Chubby Assassin” by Natalie Meisner

2014 Poetry Short List

Prose Short List

This Story was on the TV News
Canada's Breakup Guide
You Chubby Assassin
Let Nothing Ye Dismay
But By God You Knew it Was There
Nicky Nicky Nine Door
The Come Crying
Eggshells and Painted Ladies

Poetry Short List

The Way it Ends Up
Old Griefs
Thompson park
Change Rooms
Morning Routine
Sitting on the side of
Sibling Rivalry
All Day Breakfast
Just Lucky I Guess
My Summer without Art
14 Ways
B flat Minor
Loose Attachment
On Customers
Iris Ink
Poem from Mom
Random Dynamics of War
An Irrational Fear of Citrus
Slices of Mackintosh Apple
words fell
The Thin Man
Grand Junction

2013 Winners


1st Place: Marlene Grand Maitre “Slip the Knot
2nd Place: Patricia Young “Too Many Guns in the House”
3rd Place: Patricia Young “Puzzle
Honourable Mention:
Cassy Welburn “A Kindness of Bees
Wendy Donawa “About the Snow Queen: A Question for Hans Christian Anderson
Alec Whitford “Nameless Creek


1st Place: Hermine Robinson “Tipping House
2nd Place: Paddy Scott “The Bull of Heaven
3rd Place: Theanna Bischoff “Pear

2013 Poetry Short List

A Kindness of Bees
About the Snow Queen
After the Stroke
The Changeling
Coming Out
E-Sport coming to an arena nearby
Historia est vitae magistra (History is the Tutor of Life)
The King of Stonehenge
Nameless Creek
On Hearing Sex in the Neighbouring Hotel Room
Re-Reading My Mother's Chinese Star Map
Slip the Knot
Superman's Sheet
Too Many Guns in the House
Wait, One More Dream
Where the Grass Moves

2013 Prose Short List

Bull of Heaven
Chronicle of a Death Forestalled
Dead Letter
Last Words
Never Out of Touch
The Pear
Rock Star Builder
The Tipping House
What the Corpse Said

2012 Winners


1st Place: blue and white pottery by Ulrike Narwani
2nd Place: Bioluminescent Bay by Laboni Islam
3rd Place: At 15 by dee Hobsbawn-Smith
Honourable Mention: Marguerite by Juleta Severson-Baker


1st Place: The Scream by Chase Baird
2nd Place: Hanging Clothes by Beth Everest
3rd Place: Myths of Mutton Busting by Natalie Meisner

2012 Poetry Short List

About the epicactus
At 15
Bioluminescent Bay
blue and white pottery
Bull Dancer
Coffee Shop
Details and Why
Farm Cat
Francisco de Goya. The Family of the Duke of Osuna, 1788
Full of Crow
Getting to Zero
Ruin and Beauty
S and X
The Better Story
The Skin
To Speak as Water

2012 Prose Short List

43 Gang
Angus Breaks Free
Checkpoint Charlie
hanging clothes
Myths of Mutton Busting
Murdering Elegance
The Good Husband
The Groundskeeper
The Scream
Waiting for Spring


2011 Poetry Winners

First Place: Pamela Porter for Once, in a Story
Second Place: Heidi Garnett for Our Black Dog Who Disappeared Two Weeks Ago
Third Place: Sylvia Adams for The Bee Master’s Stag
Honourable Mention: Joan Shillington for The Fifties
Honourable Mention: Frances Boyle for Dark night, solo

2011 Prose Winners

First Place: André John Narbonne for Darren, Almost in Love
Second Place: Gary Saville for Easy on the City John Handcock
Third Place: Jann Everard for Redolent

2011 Poetry Short List

Our Black Dog Who Disappeared
They called him 'Wing'
Once, in a story
One Morning
First Frost
After Sappho (Fragment 130)
Cinema Verité
Shooting Rats
South Saskatchewan
100 Words
Incessant Hum
In My Mother's Kitchen
The Fifties
The Bee Master's Stag
Sunday's Child
Best Wishes
Dark Night, solo
Rock On Chicago
The Lake
Wedding #1
What We Learned Beyond Grandfather's Dare
Five Veils After Noon

2011 Prose Short List

Buried Under His Weight
Paint Your Children Red
Near Miss
Darren, Almost in Love
Hunting Muskie
Destiny’s Dance
A Boat A Man and A Fish
Easy on the City John Hancock
The Quinzie
The Depot
Look How Pretty


2010 Prose Winners

First Place: Fran Kimmel for Elephant Air  
Second Place: Christopher Tarry for Calculating Stan Walderman  

2010 Poetry Winners

First Place: Catherine Owen for Reincarnation Redux  
Second Place: Mark Sampson for On Choosing a Mattress  
Third Place: Leslie Timmins for Caravaggio to His Critics  
Honourable Mention: Leslie Timmins for What is Served  
Honourable Mention: Catherine Owen for Solace/No Solace  

2010 Prose Short List

Calculating Stan Walderman
Elephant Air
On the Hunting Room Table
Meinongs Jungle
The List
Pickles and Ice Cream
Career Options
Everywhere and Nowhere
Love is Like Lidocaine

2010 Poetry Short List

What I did with the Remains
Solace/No Solace
Reincarnation Redux
Little Red Riding Hood 30 Years Later
Religion, Sexual Orientation or ...
From the Saxon Tower to Carfax
On Choosing a Mattress
In Search of Ezra Pound
Take My Hand an Follow Me
Just to Let You Know
Friend’s Lapse into a Coma
Firstborn at Two
A Night Full of Rain
The Monastery
What is Served
Caravaggio to His Critics
The Poetry Lesson


FreeFall Magazine is pleased to announce the winners

Prose Winner: Flee the Rising Sun by Madelaine Wong
Poetry Winner: A Hundred Pelts by Juleta Severson-Baker


2009 Prose Winners

First Place: Marilyn Gear Pilling for The Love Bites of Twenty-three Rogue Monkeys
Second Place: Barbara Parker for Bethlehem Blanket
Third Place: David Willis for Armchair Blues
Honourable Mention: Katherine Fawcett for Cannonball

2009 Poetry Winners

First Place: Rosemary Griebel for Hotel Room, Paris and Sparrows
Second Place: Marilyn Gear Pilling for as his God holds him and How She Remains
Third Place: George Amabile for Waking up in the Dark and
Marjorie Bruhmuller for The Puddle that Attracts the Sky
Honourable Mentions: Marilyn Gear Pilling for A Sunday Morning in February and Greg Simison for Dreams of the Grand Banks

2009 Poetry Short List

A Sunday Morning in February
as his God holds him
Dreams of the Grand Banks
Flock Mentality
Hotel Room, Paris
How She Remains
Less a Stillness, More a Lover of Flight
Lines on a map of Calgary
One Seed’s Vocation
Performance in the Bedroom and Wanting To Help
Praying with Hooligans
The Blues
The Destructors
The Puddle that Attracts the Sky
The Return
The Roses from the Second Floor
To R
Waiting for Letters While on Sabbatical
Waking Up in the Dark
War Harvest

2009 Prose Short List

Armchair Blues
Bethlehem Blanket
Cold Turkey
The Love Bites of 23 Rogue Monkeys
The Melting Snow
Origins of a Robotic Boy
Playing Dead
Powder Blue
Woman #4 Standing


2008 Prose and Poetry Winners


First Place – "The White Tiger”" by Paul Sammartino
Second Place – "Buryin Day Today” by Angela Day
Third Place – “Searching for the Pebble” by Diane Fretz
Honourable Mentions –“The Clay Medallion” by Beverly Rasporich


First Place – Walking with Walt Whitman through Calgary’s Eastside” and
“My Father Comes Back as a Draught Horse” by Rosemary Griebel
Second Place – “A Kitchen Poem” and “A Measure of Taste” by Joan Shillington
Third Place – “Witness” by Pamela Porter
Honourable Mentions – “Timothy on Foot” by Angelo Giambra

2008 Poetry Short List

1969 – Transition
A Kitchen Poem
A Measure of Taste
Hailing Home
Letters of J-i-l-t
Meditation on Wasps
My father comes back as a draught horse
On Nine Mile Road
Sestina: Museum of Grief
The Couple in the Plaza Grande
Timothy On Foot
To the Neighbour Who Asks Me What I Do
Walking with Walt Whitman through Calgary's Eastside
What Remains
Wide Awake in Someone Else's Dream

2008 Prose Short List

Buryin’ Day Today
Deep as the Sea
Fragile Blue and Creamy White
Searching for the pebble
Sing Me Home
The Bitches Titties
The Clay Medallion
The White Tiger


2007 Prose and Poetry Winners


First Place – "Treehouse" by Carin Makuz (Whitby, ON)
Second Place – "Homeland Security" by Judy Galbraith (Calgary, AB)
Third Place – "Control—1969" by Colette Maitland ( Gananoque, ON)
Honourable Mentions:
"Run Away Fish" by Jan Manchur (Victoria, BC)
"The Disappearing Act" by Andrea Beca (Edmonton, AB)
"One Friday Night" by Linda Hutsell-Manning (Cobourg, ON)


First Place – "Nearer In" by Vicki Goodfellow-Duke (Calgary, AB)
Second Place – "Linked" by Sandra Savage (Calgary, AB)
Third Place – "Through the Looking Glass" by Barbara Green (Calgary, AB)
Honourable Mentions:
"Detachment" by Kate Marshall-Flaherty (Toronto, ON)
"Time Isn’t Linear" by Nick Fuller (Calgary, AB)
"Between Us" by Juleta Severson-Baker (Calgary, AB)


2006 Fiction and Poetry Winners


First Place - "True Romance" by Beverly Rasporich, Invermere, BC
Second Place - "The Melt" by Lorraine Cathro, Calgary, AB
Third Place - "Albert & Boo"by Salvatore Difalco, Niagara Falls, ON
Honourable Mention - "A Fable from Hythe" by Jenine Safioles, Onoway, AB
Honourable Mention - "First, Do No Harm" by Penny Anne Beaudoin, Amherstburg, ON


First Place - "The closest I ever came to finding love" by Chris Wanamaker, Calgary, AB
Second Place - "The Wolf" by Salvatore Difalco, Niagara Falls, ON
Third Place - "Hot Sheets, Really" by Wendy Joy, Edmonton, AB
Honourable Mention - "The Space In Between" by Kate Marshall-Flaherty, Toronto, ON
Honourable Mention - "Rough Crossing" by Cassy Wellburn, Calgary, AB


2005 Fiction and Poetry Winners


First Place - "East of White City" by Allison Kydd, Edmonton, AB
Second Place - "The Light" by Audrey Whitson, Edmonton, AB


First Place - "Trinity" by Marilyn Letts, Calgary, AB
Second Place - "Summer Sunset" by Rebecca Holland, Lethbridge, AB


2004 Fiction and Poetry Winners


First Place: "It All Started in the Gold Room" by Marguerite Deslauriers, Montreal, PQ
Second Place: Mary@MotherofGod.com by Nerys Perry, Ottawa, ON
Honourable Mention - "Rose and Rosemary" by Rachelle Pinnow, Calgary, AB


A tie for First Place between
"Dominoes" by Keith Inman, Thorold, ON, and
"Scrip" by Janke Wielenga Thunder Bay, ON
Second Place - "An Ode to the Seamstress Who Repaired the Zipper in My Jacket" by Anna Mioduchowska
Honourable Mention - "Midnight Smoke" by Keith Inman, Thorold, ON


2003 Fiction and Poetry Winners


First Place - "Family Portrait" by Jan Houston, Calgary, AB
Second Place - "Hallowe'en Kisses" by Jayne Barnard, Calgary, AB
Honourable mention - "Nothing Sacred" by Lori Hahnel, Calgary, AB
Honourable mention - "The Perm" by Gayl Veinotte, Calgary, AB
Honourable mention - "Your Daylight Savings Family of Gremlins" by Alexander Zeleny, Windsor, ON

Fiction Runners up:

"Homecoming" by Mary Baxter, London, ON
"The Letter" by Suzanne Benner, Calgary, AB
"Mary Hayden" by Willie Fitzpatrick, Calgary, AB
"Gasping for Water" by Fiona Pinnell, Calgary, AB
"Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow" by Dianne M. Wey, Neustadt, ON


First Place - "Vancouver" by Dona Sturmanis, Peachland, BC
Second Place - "Flight" by Rosemary Griebel, Calgary, AB
Honourable Mention - "The Library" by Rosemary Griebel, Calgary, AB
Honourable Mention - "Mrs. Richard Secord's Dress" by Angela Kublik, Grand Prairie, AB
Honourable Mention - "In the aura of your mother's death" by Doreen Nystrom, Calgary, AB

Poetry Runners Up:

"Homecoming" Barbara Archer, Calgary, AB
"Total Eclipse" Rosemary Griebel, Calgary, AB
"The Poems of Annie Ada York Secord" Angela Kublic, Edmonton, AB
"Heirloom" Angela Kublic, Edmonton, AB
"Natalia Dreams" Angela Kublic, Edmonton, AB
"Cincinnati Finding Great Grandmother's House" Carol L. MacKay, Baulf, AB
"Driving South" Marybeth Nelson, Calgary, AB
"Faded" Marguerite Norlander, Cochrane, AB
"Netherworld" Dona Sturmanis, Kelowna, BC


2002 Fiction and Poetry Winners


First Place - "Accident Prone" by Jan Houston, Calgary, AB
Second Place $100: "One Hundred Jars of Honey to Sell" by Sharon LaFrenz, Calgary, AB
Honourable mention - "In Touch With My Roots" by Vilnis Muiznieks, Calgary, AB
Honourable mention - "Coming To" by Bill Stenson, Victoria, BC
Honourable mention - "Over The Edge" by Dianne Wey, Neustadt, ON


First Place - "Arctic Rescue" by Joan Shillington, Calgary, AB
Second Place "The Origin of Fear" by Rebecca Luce-Kapler, Kingston, ON
Honourable Mention - "The Trellis" by Carol L. MacKay, Bawlf, AB
Honourable Mention - "Adopted Means" by S. Pamela MacLean-Calabrese, Antigonish, NS
Honourable Mention - "down by the sea" by David McGinnis, Calgary, AB


2001 Fiction and Poetry Winners


First Place - "Nature Series" by Lowell Blood, Halifax, NS
Second Place - "Civil War" by Jan Houston, Calgary, AB
Honourable mention - "Rudi" by Myriam Dostert, Vernon BC
Honourable mention - "Basics of Communication" by Ellen Kelly, Airdrie AB
Honourable mention - "Parallel Universe" by Wayne Arthurson, Edmonton AB


First Place - "a room Prague, October 2000" by Myrna Garanis, Edmonton AB
Second Place - "La Entrada (Guatemala Poems)" by Liz Rees, Calgary AB
Honourable mention - "Recipe for Reciprocation" by Renee Norman, Coquitlam BC
Honourable mention - "A woman of a certain age" by Judith Robb, Calgary AB
Honourable mention - "Flirting the Question" by Beth Raugust, Calgary AB
Honourable mention - "me though long gone" by Sylvia Adams, Ottawa ON

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