Current Issue

Volume XXIX Number 2
Fall 2019
Editors Crystal Mackenzie and Micheline Maylor
Cover Jeff Kovitz
Bruce Meyer To the Manor Born
Hadeel Abdel-Nabi A Man Yelled at Me in an Alley and I Liked It
Mark Sampson Dracula, Count of Transylvania, Does an MFA in Creative Writing
Bruce Meyer On First Looking into Bark's Rumi
Neil Griffin Two Hypotheses on the Formation of Saturn's Rings
Rhonda Collis Bioluminescence Bay
Evan Nielson A Prelapsarian Fall, c.66,000,000 BC
Matt Sutton I Don't Feel at Home Here but Nowhere Else is Going to Change That
The Nights the Neighbours Have a Fire in Their Back Yard
There's a Place I Still Dream About and I Lived There Once
Evan Nielson An Hour South by Train
Syd Thieneman Sweep
Saskatoon Berries
Ashley-Rae Carter-Wells To Clear the Fifth Chakra
D.S. Stymeist Abrasion
Erin Emily Ann Vance Crow Theory
Alycia Pirmohamed Hawk
Emily Dorff Woman Presides
KV Skene And it's Time to Lock the Backdoor to Memory
I Still Want You in All the Ways Possible
On the Glacial Slide to Suicide
Wayne Yetman Cuidado
Síle Englert Selvedge
Travis Oltmann Veneration
Suzanne Johnston The Art of Falling
Joe Bongiorno The Space Between the Walls
Margaret Watson Paul and David
Mike Thorn Only Pretty Damned by Niall Howell
Crystal Mackenzie Left by Theanna Bischoff
Micheline Maylor Drolleries by Cassidy McFadzean
Vivian Hansen Lovers Fall Back to Earth by Cecelia Frey
In Conversation  
Jamal Ali Interview with Denise Chong

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