Current Issue

Volume XXVIII Number 3
Winter 2018
Editors Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist
Cover Joel Robinson
Meghan Bell I apologize
What Passes Down hildhood
Stephen Brown You Can Do It
Kelly Duval Celestial Bodies
D.A. Lockhart Letter to Yan from the Superior Oriental Buffet on Parkhill Road, Peterborough, ON
Prayer for the Perfect Bannock
Megan Nega Backyard Observations
Cyndi MacMillan  Thirteen Views of Blood
Maša Torbica Landscapes
Trevor Abes New Dirctions in Blowing a Gasket
Chris Bailey Elmira, PEI
Rachel Crooks Iyahri Tibi, Mountain Home
Patrick Doerksen Geschöpfchen
Monica Kidd Is the River
Jamal Ali Drifting Like A Metaphor
Katherine Cameron Selah by Nora Gould
Vivian Hansen The Day of the Dead: Silver Fictions, Short Stories & an Homage by Catherine Owen
Carla Scarano D’Antonio Motherhood by Sheila Heti
Megan Nega Welcome to the Anthropocene by Alice Major

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