Current Issue

Volume XXIX Number 1
Spring 2019
Editors Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist
Cover Daniel Castonguay
Pamela Medland Echo of Ash
Leonard Neufeldt Southwood
Lynn Tait Rain
The Guitar Shredder’s Ex: Non Sequitur in E Minor
Dave Margoshes Reincarnation
Tanis MacDonald Garbage Elegy
Tom Wayman Incantations
Time Seasons
Sharon Berg Transference
David Martin Stampede Homestretch
David’s Ankles
Susannah Forsyth Social Moth
Kim Mannix Stranger Days
Fraser Calderwood Paola
David Koulack Absolution
Kristyn Dunnion Affliction: The Taming of Bloor West West
Alan Bao The Seven Generals
J. J. Steinfeld In a Washroom of a Prestigious Art Gallery, A One-Act Play
Tia Christoffersen What Can’t Be Undone by dee Hobsbawn-Smith
Micheline Maylor Dunk Tank by Kayla Czaga
Drolleries by Cassidy McFadzean
Shelley McAneeley High Rider by Bill Gallaher
Jamal Ali Nouveau Griot by Tanya Evanson

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