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XXIV Number 1 Winter 2014
Editor: Micheline Maylor

Teddianne Lucius  
Samantha Baldwin

Tin Divorce in the GardenStar
John Wall Barger The Egg of the Universe
Waiting in My Pyjamas for a Long Distance Phone Call
Weyman Chan Noon Fragrance
But I’m no one
Autumn Kindelspire What You Left Behind
Shelley A. Leedah The Pantry of All There Is
Lee Valley
Gary Pierluigi Mona Lisa Smile
Autumn Richardson Across the Inland-Ice
Kevin Spenst The Opposite of Face Blindness
Ballad in Crazy Quilts
Alec Whitford Blood Coal Diamond
Jennifer Zilm A Snake is a Moving Line
Bicycle on Qing Dong Road
Sharon Drummond Chapbook Prize

Angela Simmons cellular
Lynn C. Fraser Map of authors in this issue
Andrew MacPherson Some topics mentioned in novels I’ve read
Creative Non-Fiction  
Bill Bunn Neighbourhood Alzheimer’s
Flash Fiction  
Samantha Nugent Ecology Canadiana
Chris Carleton
Chinese Library
Lori Hahnel Dominion
Taryn Thomson The Box
In Conversation  
Jamal Ali
Email Interview with Barb Howard
Micheline Maylor A Postcard Interview with Zsuzsi Gartner
Lynn C. Fraser Review: The Dead are More Visible by Steven Heighton
Bruce Hunter Review: The Last Temptation of Bond by Kimmy Beach
Annie Vigna Review: The Long White Sickness by Cecelia Fry




©Teddianne Lucius

6 ” X 8.5”
108 pages




XXIV Number 2 Spring / Summer 2014
Editor: Micheline Maylor

Contest Issue Judge Marina Endicott

Mandy Len  
Poetry WInners  
Marlene Grand Maitre
Slip the Knot
Patricia Young Too Many Guns in the House
Patricia Young Puzzle
Wendy Donawa About the Snow Queen
Cassy Welburn A Kindness of Bees
Alec Whitford Nameless Creek
Fiction Winners  
Hermine Robinson
Tipping House
Paddy Scott The Bull of Heaven
Theanna Bischoff Pear
Flash Fiction Winners  
Rhonda Parkinson
Shifting Orbit
Kevin Weisbeck Celia’s Tea
More Poetry  
Susan Braley
Coming Out
Kat Cameron The King of Stonehenge
Lynn Fraser Writing a Poem is Like Picking a Lock
S.E. Ingraham Superman’s Sheet
Laurie MacFayden before the next conversation
Richard Rathwell Where the Grass Moves
Sarah Stern On Hearing Sex in the Neighbouring Hotel Room
Wait, One More Dream
After the Stroke
Emily Ursuliak Two Kinds of Diamonds
More Fiction  
Frank Rizzuto
In Conversation  
Allan Boss and Jessica Patterson
Bruce Hunter
Review: Incarnate by Juleta Severson-Baker
Owen Percy Review: Hummingbird by John Wall Barger
Joan Shillington Review: Massacre Street by Paul Zits
Ryan Stromquist Review: Double Pregnant: Two Lesbians Make a Family by Natalie Meisner
Sabrina Uswak Review: Are You Ready to Be Lucky by Rosemary Nixon




©Mandy Len

6 ” X 8.5”




XXIV Number 3 Fall 2014
Editor: Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist

Photography Patrick McAneeley
Philip Adams
Barbara Biles Life in Cars
Anna Brooks Land of Smiles
David Menear River Water
Jacob Lee Bachinger
Little Italy
Lauren Carter Barren
Louth (1851)
George Elliott Clarke Rum: A Metaphysical Disquisition
The Liberation of Bahia Has Begun!
Orphee noir
David Eso
Tanka of Love Moving On
Not Everyone’s a Critic
Jeb Gaudet time was
Laurie D Graham Bloor and Dalton, Toronto
The Yellowhead
Emily Hockaday Cat Summer
Morning Debris
Basma Kavanagh
what sounds did the ocean make
Claire Kelly Short term Desires
Stumped by a Squat Frame
Alice Major Avarice
Fiona Mitchell Atalanta and Hippomenes
Melanie Peirluigi Dog Slaughter Truck on a Highway in Korea
Elina Petrova Yellow-Blue
Michael Prior Until I came along all the leading men were handsome
Mark Sampson lusus naturae
In Conversation  
Betty Jane Hegerat and Jamal Ali
Anna Brooks
Review: Savage Love by Douglas Glover
Andrew McPherson Review: The Dilettantes by Michael Hingston
Anne Sorbie Review: Open Letter: Women Against Violence Against Women by Sheri-D Wilson
Robin van Eck Review: Shy: An Anthology Edited by Noami K Lewis and Rona Altrows
Annie Vigna Review: Earthbound by Kenneth Radu




©Patrick McAneeley

6 ” X 8.5”




XXV Number 1 Winter 2015
Editor: Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist

Photography Rick Anderson
Darryl Joel Berger
Claws Owl
Kate French Spiders
Ariel Gordon Gilly: gaijin/Galician/ghost owl
Frank Rizzuto Twenty-Five
Kyle Smylie Pyramus and Thisbe
Thomas Wharton Filters
Creative Non-Fiction  
Robert Boschman My Prince Albert
Scott Messenger Cuba, on $25 a Night
Jill Boettger
Almost Winter Sonnet
Lauren Carter Dream
Norma Dunning Concrete Eskimo
Trappers Wife
Dorothy Field
My Father’s Hands Are Blue
Leila A. Fortier Lexica
Heather French I Will Hold Your Normal With You
gillian harding-russell 25
Marco Melfi
Mountain Brow
Knife Reminds Me
Crowded sidewalks
Angela Patane Why I Don’t Want to End Up a Housewife
Harold Rhenisch The Man With the Head of a Stage Speaks
The Return to the Trees
K.V. Skene Twenty-Five Dos and Don’ts For Deflecting Faerie Magic
In Conversation  
Jamal Ali
Email Interview with Juleta Severson-Baker
Joan Shillington Interview with Nancy Holmes
Ryan Stromquist Interview with J-Michael Fay
Vivian Hansen
Review: Seldom Seen Road by Jenna Butler
Naomi K. Lewis Review: Novelists by C.P. Boyko
J.D Mersault Review: 7 Ways to Sunday by Lee Kvern
Zachariah Wells Review: Some Dance by Ricardo Sternberg




©Rick Anderson

6 ” X 8.5”




Volume XXV Number 2 Winter 2015
Editor: Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist

Photography Adam Martinakis
Darryl Joel Berger
The Walking Fox
Michelle Barker Slices of Mackintosh Apple Observe the Morning from the Kitchen Table
Kat Cameron B-Flat Minor
Michael Fraser Grand Junction
Keith Garebian Old Griefs
Glenn Hayes Morning Routine
dee Hobsbawn-Smith 14 Ways of Looking at a Lake
Bruce Meyer The Thin Man
Amber Moore On Customers
Iris Ink
Catherine Owen What they have said and why it is not
Michael Prior Non-Fiction
Lynn Tait An Irrational Fear of Citrus Preserves
Random Dynamics of Time War and the Afterlife
Paul-André Betito Spider
Ariel Gordon Gertrude Gekkered
Joy J. Henry Commerce
Kim McCullough Eggshells and Painted Ladies
Natalie Meisner You Chubby Assassin
Dorothy Reno Canada's Breakup Guide
In Conversation  
Jamal Ali
Interview with Weyman Chan
Robin Galey
Review: House Made of Rain by Pamela Porter
Vivian Hansen Review: Kissing Keeps Us Afloat by Laurie MacFayden
Anne Sorbie Review: Pathologies: A Life in Essays by Susan Olding
Review: Bitter Lake by Marika Deliyannides
Robin van Eck Review: Palliser Suite by Caroline Russell-King




©Adam Martinakis

6 ” X 8.5”




Volume XXV Number 3 Winter 2015/2016
Guest Editor Richard Harrison

Photography Sinisa Tomic
Essays The Calgary Now Poetry Scene
Braden Beaulieu Dystopoetics: The Broken Dream of Conceptualism
Richard Harrison Poetry. Calgary. Now.
Micheline Maylor Dynamism in Diversity
Juleta Severson-Baker Poetry Now
Sheri-D Wilson From Poetry to Poverty
Bertrand Bickersteth
The Athabasca
Vivian Hansen On Jousting
Jimmy in the Rain
Richard Harrison When: A Love Poem
Confessional Poem
More Sex, More Nature - for Lisa
Sarah Howden Slutty Pumpkin
Carley Mayson Carpeted Stairs
Trust Me
Susan Plett How I Remember It
Vincent Potter Jackson is Bothered by Many Things
Kirk Ramdath Grade Seven Recess
Hyarima, Before Driving the Spanish from Trinidad
Robin van Eck
The Blue Man
Mark Canavan
Double Bluff
Niall Howell Eye Contact
In Conversation  
Jamal Ali
Interview with Sheri-D Wilson
Joan Shillington Interview with Bruce Hunter
Jamal Ali
Review: Seva by Sharanpal Ruprai
J.D. Mersault Review: Where the Nights are Twice as Long Eds David Eso and Jeanette Lynes




©Sinisa Tomic

6 ” X 8.5”




Volume XXVI Number 1 Winter 2015/2016
Editors Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist

Photography Renee Robyn
John Wall Barger Ink Burial,
Evening Walk, Tammela District, Tampere, Finland
Barry Butson Cross
Su Croll a correction to thanksgiving
Daniel Cowper Spandrel
Beth Everest i phone
cancer grows like a nest
W.M. Herring November, Late afternoon -10°C with Thin High Cloud
Sarah Beth Hopton Relentless
Rachael Kearley REM Sleep
Alice Major The Realms of Asphodel
Bell Curve
Shaun Robinson Centrifugal
Sonia Saikaley The Maiko’s Obi
Josh Stenberg Bima
Russell Thornton Sirens
At Safeway
Jeremy Bibaud
Benjamin C. Dugdale Wildrose Goes
C.E. Mandybura Saffra
Kaitlin Ruether Coal Harbour
Liam Volke How to Buy a Book
In Conversation  
Jamal Ali
Interview with Ian Williams
Dan St. Yves Interview with Sterling Hayes
Vivian Hansen
Review: House Dreams By Deanna Youngi
Crystal MacKenzie Review: On Huron’s Shore By Marilyn Gear Pilling
Annie Wesko Review: Moments of Joy By Cecelia Frey




©Renee Robyn

6 ” X 8.5”




Volume XXVI Number 2 Spring/Summer 2016
Editors Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist

Photography Jane Eaton Hamilton
Tyler Engström think of me
from under the bay bridge
Kate Flaherty Sel
Michael Fraser Daydreaming Tricia
The Union Dead
Sarah Howden Second Hand Smoke
Well, here I am
Max Layton Après Moi, Le Déluge
Ron Ostrander Old Bob’s Shadow
Susan Plett worship
Ellie Sawatzky Finlandia
Matt Sutton Waylon Taught Me Everything
Anna Brooks Penny Blossom
Sarah Butson The Dong
Annum Shah Welcome to Khyber Agency
Chris Shaw Paper Heart
Cara Violini
The Embrace
Cassy Welburn Day of the Dead
In Conversation  
Jamal Ali
Email Interview with Lauren Carter
Joan Shillington Interview with Max Layton
Dave Eso
Impeccable Regret by Judith Fitzgerald
Ken Hunt Kern by derek Beaulieu
Anne Sorbie The Shadows We Mistake for Love by Tom Wayman
Annie Wesko Clearwater by Kim McCullough
Photograph Nikki Celis




©Jane Eaton Hamilton

6 ” X 8.5”




Volume XXVI Number 3 Fall/Winter 2016
Editors Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist

Photography Tamara Pruessner
John Wall Barger

The Butterfly Copycat
Naked Woman at a Roadside Buffet
The Wonderful Hat
Marzen Czarnecka DON’T WORRY
Rayanne Doucet Alla Mia Donna
Catherine Fenwick Women Weaving
Vivian Hansen Waiting on Tables
Benjamin Herwig evening at a burnt-out school with the tenth mountain division
Fruit on a wooden table
Moira MacDougall Boreal Lungs
Gabrielle McIntire Upstairs
Vincent Potter the Singer and the waxwing
Three Thirty-Five on a School Day
Tara Dawn Solheim December 15, 2005 – Takadanobaba, Shinjyuku Prefecture, Japan
October 12, 2005 – Minami Urawa, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Juhun Bae
Jeremy Bibaud Archmime
Garrett Davis Gorgon
Rachel Laverdiere Stains
Kim Murray
In Conversation  
Jamal Ali Interview with Cassy Welburn
Jeremy Luke Hill Interview with Stephen Henighan
John Wall Barger
Cemetery Compost by Murray Reiss
Bruce Hunter The Three Sisters Bar and Hotel by Katherine Govier
Daryl Sneath The Fatalists by Patrick Blennerhassett




©Tamara Pruessner

6 ” X 8.5”




Volume XXVII Number 1 Winter 2016/2017
Editors Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist

Photography Patrick McAneeley
Nancy Holmes Paths not taken
Louisa Howerow As Acrostic After Finding Lowry’s “Delirium in Vera Cruz”
Basma Kavanagh Ode
Kyle Kinaschuk architecture II
Jeff Kochan Ninohtekatanan
Tanis MacDonald How to Be a Buzzkill
Carol L. MacKay Gift Horse
Vivian Marple Nomenclature
Richard Osler A Dream of Snow and Elephants
Angela Waldie Bear 64
Tom Wayman Sunday Night
Alec Whitford A brief History of Elkford
Breaking into Abandoned Houses
Deidre Dore Three Stories
Carin Makuz A Thinly Veiled Biography of My Childhood Which I Have Fictionalized
Emily McBride Occupation
Robert Shaw Leftovers
In Conversation  
Jamal Ali
Interview with Vivian Hansen
Robert Stallworthy Interview with Richard Harrison
Annum Shah Welcome to the Circus by Rhonda Douglas
Sabrina Uswak Meadowlark by Wendi Stewart




©Patrick McAneeley

6 ” X 8.5”




Volume XXVII Number 2 - Spring 2017
Editors Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist

Photography Mikhail Shestakov
Adrienne Adams birds population
David Alexander Watercolour
Marsha Barber My Husband Drowns the Rats
Angela Dillon Things That Are Yours
Jannie Edwards The Beginning of Seeing 3
Laurie Fuhr Field Recording
dee Hobsbawn-Smith Prairie Winter
Cornelia Hoogland Crow and His Children
matt sutton I still haven’t Learned how to Swim
Alison Wattie The 99 Steps
Jann Everard Scabby-Nosed Girl in a Bowler Hat
Sarah Frayn Just for Tonight
C.E Mandybura Timestamp
Keith Worthington Justice
Keltie Zubko The Sound of the Engine Rising
In Conversation  
Silvia Pikal 
Interview with Jeremy Bibaud
Jamal Ali   After You’ve Gone by Lori Hahnel
Silvia Pikal   Cease by Lynette Loeppky
Ryan Stromquist silent sister: the mastectomy poems by Beth Everest




©Mikhail Shestakov

6 ” X 8.5”




Volume XXVII Number 3 - Fall 2017
Editors Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist

Cover Marty Gervais
Elizabeth Bassie-Pompu
Kayleigh Cline Thought and Memory
Catherine Graham Each Scaly God Ensconced in Sec
Neil Griffin And So, Until
gillian harding-russell Raven at -40
Bill Howell The Way Things are at the Moment
Rachel Laverdiere Like their Fathers and Mothers before them
Dave Margoshes Scare crow
Slipped Away
Carley Mayson Downfall
Carol Harvey Steski angelfood cake
veronica lake
j. Alan Voke When Came the Black Flower
Winter Crazy Crazy in the Mind Mind
Carolyn Chung
Too Small and Too Fast
Leah Sandals The Geologist
Alanna Marie Scott Himalayan Blue Poppies
Nikki Celis
In Conversation  
Jeremy Luke Hill
Interview with Jesse Ruddock
Silvia Pikal Interview with Alec Whitford
Jamal Ali Settler Education by Laurie D. Graham
Beth Everest   The Book of Sensation by Sheri-D Wilson
Kyle Flemmer even this page is white by Vivek Shraya




©Marty Gervais

6 ” X 8.5”




Volume XXVIII Number 1 - Summer 2018
Editors Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist

Cover Paul Zizka
Chelsea Comeau Childhood
Myra Davies Not That Canadian
Carol Dilworth Oh, Canada!
Randi Fjeldseth Damage
Vivian Hansen Toward Hygge
Tyler Hein Bismarck on Abbott
Ilona Martonfi The Ugliest Girl
A.J. Stainsby From Prinsengracht
Mary Vlooswyk You Eat Like A Canadian Beaver
Tom Wayman Unleaded
Sebastien Wen Cow Skinner’s Son
Daniel J. Greene
K. Joy Oden Grain Swimming
Diane Terrana Catching Twilight
In Conversation  
Jamal Ali
Interview with Laurie D. Graham




©Paul Zizka

6 ” X 8.5”




Volume XXVIII Number 2 - Fall 2018
Editors Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist

Cover Axel Bernal Bladh
Jill Boettger Garage Sonnet
Summer Camp Communal Showers
Barry Dempster Boy on the Verge
Bruce Meyer Cred
Vincent Potter Woody
gillian harding-russell Fox Love
Kelly Shepherd The Hunt
The Bird Boy
K. V. Skene The Ghosts of who we were
Carol Harvey Steski weaning off antidepressant, early days
Keith Worthington Assiniboine
Neil Griffin Confabulation
Betty Jane Hegerat Jewel
Chris Kuriata According to my Sisters
Travis Oltman Zeitgeber
Shelley Wood How they move on
In Conversation  
Jamal Ali Interview with Carmelo Militano
Interview with Tyler B. Perry
Sharon Berg How to Draw a Rhinoceros by Kate Sutherland
Ryan Stromquist Jesus on the Dashboard by Lisa Murphy-Lamb






©Axel Bernal Bladh

6 ” X 8.5”


Volume XXVIII Number 3 - Winter 2018
Editors Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist

Cover Joel Robinson
Meghan Bell I apologize
What Passes Down hildhood
Stephen Brown You Can Do It
Kelly Duval Celestial Bodies
D.A. Lockhart Letter to Yan from the Superior Oriental Buffet on Parkhill Road, Peterborough, ON
Prayer for the Perfect Bannock
Megan Nega Backyard Observations
Cyndi MacMillan Thirteen Views of Blood
Maša Torbica Landscapes
Trevor Abes New Dirctions in Blowing a Gasket
Chris Bailey Elmira, PEI
Rachel Crooks Iyahri Tibi, Mountain Home
Patrick Doerksen Geschöpfchen
Monica Kidd Is the River
Jamal Ali Drifting Like A Metaphor
Katherine Cameron Selah by Nora Gould
Vivian Hansen The Day of the Dead: Silver Fictions, Short Stories & an Homage by Catherine Owen
Carla Scarano D’Antonio Motherhood by Sheila Heti
Megan Nega Welcome to the Anthropocene by Alice Major






©Joel Robinson

6 ” X 8.5”


Volume XXIX Number 1 - Spring 2019
Editors Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist

Cover Daniel Castonguay
Pamela Medland Echo of Ash
Leonard Neufeldt Southwood
Lynn Tait Rain
The Guitar Shredder’s Ex: Non Sequitur in E Minor
Dave Margoshes Reincarnation
Tanis MacDonald Garbage Elegy
Tom Wayman Incantations
Time Seasons
Sharon Berg Transference
David Martin Stampede Homestretch
David’s Ankles
Susannah Forsyth Social Moth
Kim Mannix Stranger Days
Fraser Calderwood Paola
David Koulack Absolution
Kristyn Dunnion Affliction: The Taming of Bloor West West
Alan Bao The Seven Generals
J. J. Steinfeld In a Washroom of a Prestigious Art Gallery, A One-Act Play
Tia Christoffersen What Can’t Be Undone by dee Hobsbawn-Smith
Micheline Maylor Dunk Tank by Kayla Czaga
Drolleries by Cassidy McFadzean
Shelley McAneeley High Rider by Bill Gallaher
Jamal Ali Nouveau Griot by Tanya Evanson






©Daniel Castonguay

6 ” X 8.5”


Volume XXIX Number 2 - Fall 2019
EditorsCrystal Mackenzie and Micheline Maylor

Cover Jeff Kovitz
Bruce Meyer To the Manor Born
Hadeel Abdel-Nabi A Man Yelled at Me in an Alley and I Liked It
Mark Sampson Dracula, Count of Transylvania, Does an MFA in Creative Writing
Bruce Meyer On First Looking into Bark's Rumi
Neil Griffin Two Hypotheses on the Formation of Saturn's Rings
Rhonda Collis Bioluminescence Bay
Evan Nielson A Prelapsarian Fall, c.66,000,000 BC
Matt Sutton I Don't Feel at Home Here but Nowhere Else is Going to Change That
The Nights the Neighbours Have a Fire in Their Back Yard
There's a Place I Still Dream About and I Lived There Once
Evan Nielson An Hour South by Train
Syd Thieneman Sweep
Saskatoon Berries
Ashley-Rae Carter-Wells To Clear the Fifth Chakra
D.S. Stymeist Abrasion
Erin Emily Ann Vance Crow Theory
Alycia Pirmohamed Hawk
Emily Dorff Woman Presides
KV Skene And it's Time to Lock the Backdoor to Memory
I Still Want You in All the Ways Possible
On the Glacial Slide to Suicide
Wayne Yetman Cuidado
Síle Englert Selvedge
Travis Oltmann Veneration
Suzanne Johnston The Art of Falling
Joe Bongiorno The Space Between the Walls
Margaret Watson Paul and David
Mike Thorn Only Pretty Damned by Niall Howell
Crystal Mackenzie Left by Theanna Bischoff
Micheline Maylor Drolleries by Cassidy McFadzean
Vivian Hansen Lovers Fall Back to Earth by Cecelia Frey
In Conversation  
Jamal Ali Interview with Denise Chong






©Jeff Kovitz

6 ” X 8.5”