Current Issue

Volume XXVII Number 2
Spring 2017
Editors Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist
Cover Mikhail Shestakov
Adrienne Adams birds population
David Alexander Watercolour
Marsha Barber My Husband Drowns the Rats
Angela Dillon Things That Are Yours
Jannie Edwards The Beginning of Seeing 3
Laurie Fuhr Field Recording
dee Hobsbawn-Smith Prairie Winter
Cornelia Hoogland Crow and His Children
matt sutton I still haven’t Learned how to Swim
Alison Wattie The 99 Steps
Jann Everard Scabby-Nosed Girl in a Bowler Hat
Sarah Frayn Just for Tonight
C.E Mandybura Timestamp
Keith Worthington Justice
Keltie Zubko The Sound of the Engine Rising
In Conversation  
Silvia Pikal 
Interview with Jeremy Bibaud
Jamal Ali   After You’ve Gone by Lori Hahnel
Silvia Pikal   Cease by Lynette Loeppky
Ryan Stromquist silent sister: the mastectomy poems by Beth Everest

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