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Previously Published by The Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society

BACK ISSUES Volume I through Volume XV

Volume XVI Number 1  Contest Issue Theme Prairie
Editor: Vivian Hanson
Guest Editor: Pamela Banting

1st Prize: East of White City by Allison Kydd
2nd Prize: The Light by Audrey J. Whitson
Lycanthropy by Kenneth Neufeld
Falmouth Jamaica, by Elizabeth McLean
Lost and Found - Part II by Barbara Howard
1st Prize: Trinity by Marilyn Letts
2nd Prize: Summer Sunset by Rebecca Holand
August Hayfield by Edward Dewar
Break loose like a Chinook by Edward Dewar
Caragana Peas and Butterflies by Edward Dewar
dandelions by Wendy Joy
Prairied Again by Dallas Harrison
Lynn Fraser
Monica Kidd


FreeFall cover Vol XVI No. 1

cover  photograph © Stacia Braam


8.5” X 11”

34 pages

Volume XVI Number 2
Editor: Micheline Maylor

Wade Bell                                              Nola’s Blouse

Salvatore Difalco                                                 The Skunk

C.E. Mandybura                                   Depths of Heart

Errol Scott -                                           The Dempster-Rabbit's One Eye

Carolyn Watson -                                 Jack of All Trades

Barry Butson                                         Hamlet on Skates

Rocco de Giacomo                             Namdaemun Sestina


Jesse P. Ferguson                              Amber

Straja Linder King                                               Haiku

Ingrid Miller                                           Lamonte

Melvin Pasternak                                 Late February Walk

Dianne Reid                                         Front Street Toronto in November

Jonathan A. Reynolds                        The Nature of Things

Dennis Ross                                         Dreams and Fences

                                                                Stone's View

Ginger Eve Rozmus                            dragon fly

Sandra Savage                                    You Are Your Own Landscape

Bob Stamp                                            Morning Becomes Electric

                                                                Over the Rainbow

Jane Stuart                                           Barn Dance

Rosalee van Stelten                            Bow River

Changming Yuan                                                Name Changing

Joan Shillington                                   Profile of Richard Harrison
K. Gordon Neufeld                              Caught Between Two Worlds: The

                                                                Short Firction of Jacqueline Honnet

Lynn C. Fraser                                     In John Updike's Room 
Sharon Novak                                      Cabin Door


cover Experience

© Brian McFadden


Alberta Magazines Showcase

Best Cover Winner


New Format


5.5” X 8..5”

88 pages




Volume XVII Number 1     Contest Issue Theme: LOVE
Editor: Micheline Maylor
Guest Editor: Christopher Wiseman

Fiction Winners
1st Place: Beverly Rasporich            True Romance
2nd Place: Lorraine Cathro               The Melt 
3rd Place: Salvatore Difalco             Albert & Boo Boo 
Honourable Mentions:
Jenine Safioles                                    A Fable from Hythe
Penny-Anne Beaudoin                       First Do No Harm 

Poetry Winners
1st Place: Chris Wanamaker            The closest I ever came to finding love
2nd Place: Salvatore Difalco            The Wolf
3rd Place: Wendy Joy                         Hot Sheets. Really
Honourable Mentions:
Kate Marshall Flaherty                       The Spaces In Between
Cassy Welburn                                    Rough Crossing

Barry Butson                         Darkest Mirror

                                                Scars of Schoolboys in Love

Barry Roberts Egerton        Verowe Saelde

Gail Gernat                           The Car

Shaun Hunter                       Mother Nature

                                                Taking Flight

Irene Livingston                   Dogs and Grand Passions

Kate Marshall Flaherty       Another Meditation on Unwinding

Mildred Tremblay                                A Small Pot of Coffee

Nina Varsava                       A Portrait of Us: Then and Now

Author Interview
Lynn C. Fraser                     Paul Anderson

Micheline Maylor                 Swithering

Violet Nesdoly                      Running Toward Home


cover The Hand of The God

© Barry Roberts Egerton


5.5” X 8..5”

92 pages




Volume XVII Number 2
Editor: Micheline Maylor



Lori Ann Bloomfield                            Starring Wanda Plimpton

Salvatore Difalco                                                 Sunflowers

Robert Fantina                                     Forsaking All Others

Susan Eldridge-Vautour                    A Feast of Apples


Kathryn Bjornson                              In Her Cedar Wardrobe

Barry Dempster                                   A Distal Winter’s Night

                                                                A Paper Hug

                                                                The Last Photograph

Jesse Ferguson                                   Pangaea


Julian Gobert                                        Carousel

Lousia Howerow                                 Reflections on a Gift

                                                                When Night Stilled Reason

Sandra Mooney-Ellerbeck                 After Reading Silence by Billy Collins

Renee Norman                                    Erasure

Felicia Pacentrilli                                 The Innate Sexuality of

                                                                   Childhood Games

Dennis Ross                                         Iowa October

Tom Sheehan                                      After Apples, Listening

                                                                Cutting Ice on Rapid Tucker’s Pond

Knute Skinner                                      A Lovely Night

Rob Taylor                                            Demolition Site

Davide Trame                                      Pictures From the Home Ground


Micheline Maylor                                                 Trevor Cole

Jake Uitti                                               Lauren B. Davis

Beth Everest                                        Where It Began

Micheline Maylor                                                 Pearl 







cover Vertigo

© Shawna Seto


5.5” X 8..5”

92 pages




Volume XVIII Number 1 Contest Issue
Editor: Micheline Maylor

Guest Editor: Karen Connelly


Fiction Winners
1st Place: Carin Makuz                      Treehouse

2nd Place: Judy Galbraith                 Homeland Security
3rd Place:
Collette Maitland              Control - 1969

Honourable Mentions:

Jan Manchur                                        Run Away Fish

Andrea Beca                                        The Disappearing Act

Linda Hutsell-Manning                       One Friday Night

Poetry Winners
1st Place:
Vicki Goodfellow-Duke    Nearer In
2nd Place:
Sandra Savage                               Linked
3rd Place:
Barbara Green                  Through the Looking Glass
Honourable Mentions:
Kate Marshall-Flaherty                       Detachment

Nick Fuller                                             Time Isn't Linear

Juleta Severson-Baker                       Between Us


Vicki Goodfellow-Duke                      After Socrates

Barbara Green                                     I Imagine Myself Leaping

Kate Marshall-Flaherty                       Dogwood

Sandra Savage                                    Cortes Island B.C.



Lynn C. Fraser                                     Katherine Govier Interview



Darlene Louka                                     A Thousand Splendid Suns

                                                                   by Khaled Hosseini

Susan Plett                                           Quick by Anne Simpson

Bridge Over Still Water


cover Bridge over Still Water

© Andreas Manessinger


5.5” X 8.5”

92 pages




Volume XVIII Number 2
Editor: Micheline Maylor



Steve Speer

Hidden Canyon



Wade Bell


Kat Cameron


Jesse Patrick Ferguson


Michael Fraser

Picasso Museum

Elizabeth Greene


Old Cairo

Lousia Howerow

Interrogation During a Flight Connection, Houston


The Air is Too Thin For Buds

Jim Johnstone

Cause and Effect

Karen McElrea

The Arrival

 Ancient History

 The Long Way Home

Dipika Mukherjee

It May Have Been the Third Glass of Wine

Melvin Pasternak

Curve in The Road

Poem Orphanage

Alan Safarik


K.V. Skeene

Away From The House The Sky Falls

Ongoing Accident in University Parks


Geoff Stevens

The Decimalisation of Emily

Phoebe Tsang

Cabin Fever with the Tree Pirate

The Voice of the Violin



Malcolm Dixon

Big Davy’s Baptism by Mud

Susan Eldridge


Tim Lehnert

The Arrival

Tom Sheehan

The Man With The Broken Crutch



Lynn C. Fraser

Interview: Roberta Rees



Lynn C. Fraser

Review: Imagination in Action

Susan Plett

Review: Wiser Pills

Dan St. Yves

Review: The Best Laid Plans






cover Hidden Canyon

© Steve Speer


5.5” X 8.5”

92 pages




Volume XIX Number 1
Editor: Micheline Maylor
Guest Editor: Austin Clarke

Wallace Zawadski Reflection
Fiction Winners  
First Place
Paul Sammartino
The White Tiger
Second Place
Angela Day
Buryin’ Day Today
Third Place
Diane Fretz
Searching for the Pebble
Honourable Mention
Beverly Rasporich
The Clay Medallion
Poetry Winners  
First Place
Rosemary Griebel

Walking with Walt Whitman through Calgary’s Eastside
My father comes back as a draught horse
Second Place
Joan Shillington

A Kitchen Poem
A Measure of Taste
Third Place
Pamela Porter

Honourable Mention
Angelo Giambra

Timothy, On Foot
Editor’s Choice  
David Miller Seeds
Jennifer Stone Fragile Blue and Creamy White
Pamela Porter Sestina: Museum of Grief
Linda Frank Wide Awake in Someone Else’s Dream
Juleta Severson-Baker Hailing Home
What Remains
Louisa Howerow The Couple in the Plaza
On Nine Mile Road
Frances Hern Screws
Lynn C. Fraser Interview with Melanie Little
Annie Vigna Review: Ragged Company
Kristen Ingram Review: A Crack in the Wall
Micheline Maylor Review: Jailbreaks: 99 Canadian Sonnets




cover Reflection

© Wallace Zawadski


5.5” X 8.5”

92 pages




Volume XIX Number 2
Editor: Micheline Maylor

Will Pursell Organic Ink
Kim Firmston Life Before War
Aaron Kreuter Garages
Bonner Litchfield Shortfall
Inge Trueman A Rootbeer Season
Carolyn Watson Armed With Knowledge
Crystal Wood Safe Words
Wade Bell Moonlight
Louise Carson She set the woods on fire
Deidre Dwyer Century Farm
Elizabeth Greene Imaginary Cities
Louisa Howerow Stepping Out of the Family Wedding
In the Face of Extreme Heat
Anna Jaquiery Neighbours
Mark McBride After She’d Written me 10,000 Words
Sherry O’Keefe Trailing
Doug Ramspeck

The End of Self

Juleta Severson-Baker The Nights of Galileo Galilei
Sir Issac’s Loves
Love Poem for Tycho Brahe
Abigail A. Zammit Gecko
Lynn C. Fraser Interview with Marina Endicott
Chris Dodd Review: The Mechanical Bird
Leah Gillis Review: String of Mysteries
Kate Marlow Review: Good Morning Comrades
Phillip Mattie Review: The Tales of Beedle The Bard

      Organic Ink



cover Organic Ink
© Will Pursell

5.5” X 8.5”
100 pages




Volume XX Number 1 Spring/Summer 2010
Guest Editor: Robyn Sarah

George Webber Hutterite Boy
Fiction Winners  
First Place
Marilyn Gear Pilling

The Love Bites of Twenty-three Rogue
Second Place
Barbara Parker
Bethlehem Blanket
Third Place
David Willis
Armchair Blues
Honourable Mention
Katherine Fawcett
Poetry Winners  
First Place
Rosemary Griebel

Hotel Room, Paris
Second Place
Marilyn Gear Pilling

As His God Holds Him
How She Remains
Third Place
George Amabile

Waking Up in the Dark
Marjorie Bruhmuller The Puddle That Attracts the Sky
Honourable Mention
Marilyn Gear Pilling

A Sunday Morning in February
Greg Simison Dreams of the Grand Banks
Editor’s Choice  
Susan Stenson Performance In The Bedroom And Wanting To Help
K. V. Skene Less a Stillness, More a Lover of Flight
Susan Stenson Praying With Hooligans
Louisa Howerow Waiting For Letters While on Sabbatical
Marilyn Letts Caged But Not Engaged
Richard Harrison In Defense of Meaning
Lynn C. Fraser Interview with Arthur Slade
Micheline Maylor Review: Poet in a Train
Art of Fugue
Laurie D. Graham Review: Untitled Child
Robin van Eck Review: Buying Cigarettes for the Dog
Micheline Maylor Review: Track and Trace

      Organic Ink



cover Hutterite Boy
© George Webber

6 ” X 8.5”
108 pages




Volume XX Number 2 Fall/ Winter 2010-11
Editor: Micheline Maylor

Alastair Bird Organic Beets
Blake Brandley Frenchie and the Cyclops
Jane Cawthorne Weight
Zachary Gillis A Night on the Town
Jeanie Keogh Out of True
Ron Schafrick The Boy From Ireland
Listen to Boy From Ireland
Audio requires Flash Player.
Rob Boschman Jack
Gary Chappell Motorcycle Zen
Listen to Motorcycle Zen
Audio requires Flash Player.
Salvatore Difalco Inchworm
Laurie G. Graham Astrometry
Where The Music Comes From
Rosemary Griebel Insomnia
Richard Harrison Haiku
Louisa Howerow Maps
Nanci Lee Pomegranate To Help
Four Men Stole Munch’s Scream
Dan MacIsaac The Hour
Pat McAlister Backsplash
Conrad Scott In the Woodshop
Deena Kara Shaffer Split
Leslie Timmins The Prevailing Wind
Blair Trewartha Aerosol Cans
John Wall Barger Pulling My Dog in A Child’s Red Wagon
Non-Fiction Excerpt  
Colin Bernhardt The Writer’s Voice
Micheline Maylor Review: Palilalia by Jeffery Donaldson
Annie Vigna Review: Red Dog, Red Dog by Patrick Lane
Sarah Delport Review: Beatrice & Virgil by Yann Martel
Leah Gillis Review: Revolutions by Joan Shillington
Kate Marlow Review: Fall by Colin McAdam

      Organic Ink



cover Organic Beets
©Alastair Bird

6 ” X 8.5”
108 pages




Volume XXI Number 1 Spring/ Summer 2011
Editor: Micheline Maylor

Guest Editor: Douglas Glover

Patrick McAneeley Stairs
Poetry Winners  
First Place  
Catherine Owen Reincarnation Redux
Listen to Reincarnation Redux
Audio requires Flash Player.
Second Place  
Mark Sampson On Choosing a Mattress
Listen to On Choosing a Mattress
Audio requires Flash Player.
Third Place  
Leslie Timmins Caravaggio to His Critics
Honourable Mentions  
Leslie Timmins What is Served
Catherine Owen Solace/No Solace
Dan St. Yves A Conversation with Will Ferguson
Listen to the entire Interview  
Gabrielle Volke Douglas Glover in Conversation
Gabrielle Volke Open Your Eyes
Catherine Owen What I did with the Remains
Elana Wolff Corfu
Cassy Welburn FreeFall
Louisa Howerow Just to Let you Know I Haven’t Forgotten the Garden
Catriona Wright Upon Subletting a one Bedroom in Montreal for the Month of June
Joan Shillington Cessna
Tegan Zimmerman Palimpsest
Rosemary Griebel A Night Full of Rain
Frances Hern In Search of Ezra Pound
K. V. Skene From the Saxon Tower to Carfax
Rosemary Griebel Review: Active Pass by Jane Munro
Kit Dobson Review: Pain-Proof Men by John Wall Barger
Robin van Eck Review: Key in Lock by Rona Altrows
Annie Vigna Review: Memoir of a Good Death by Anne Sorbie
Kate Marlow Review: Rats of Las Vegas by Lisa Pasold

      Organic Ink



cover Stairs
©Patrick McAneeley

6 ” X 8.5”
108 pages




Volume XXI Number 2 Fall 2011
Editor: Micheline Maylor

Ika Duprass Midnight, Northwest Territories
Laura Chalar Brother Wolf
Midnight at the Law Firm
J. J. Steinfeld On Occasion Seeing is Disbelieving
Watching the Audience
A Love Poem’s Conclusion
Bob Stallworthy
What to do after a death in the family
Name Those Fears
Weighted Words
David Wasmuth Tin Cans
Sneha Madhavan-Reese On Halloween
Laura Clarke The Flood
Eva Balodis
Ted McCarthy Bikers
David Martin Misericordia Hospital, 3 a.m.
Salvatore Difalco Zuppa Inglese
Todd Swift Holiday
Pont D’Avignon
The Polish Builders In Hammersmith
Clem Martini Bitter Medicine
In Conversation  
Ben Dugdale Mark Anthony Jarman Interview
Lynn C. Fraser Writers in Residence in Conversation
Short Fiction
Ryan Stromquist
How to Write a Poem
Rona Altrows Corner Office
Chase Baird Celebrity
Haley Kaminski Nine and a Half Weeks
Betty Jane Hegerat Poste Restante
Sincerely Darryl
Creative Non-Fiction  
Bill Bunn Alone With Just One Colour
Barb Howard Breaking the Mould
Listen to Breaking the Mould
Audio requires Flash Player.
Scott Watmough Bench
Carolyn Watson The Cub
Melodie Corrigall Think Fast
Beth Everest Review: Yes by Rosemary Griebel
Krista Zeidler Review: Lucifer at the Starlight by Kim Addonizio
Marilyn Letts Review: What Disturbs the Blood by James Fitzgerald
Annie Vigna Review: The Beauty of Humanity Movement by Camilla Gibb
Robin van Eck Review: Tangles, A Story About Alzheimer’s,
My Mother and me by Sarah Leavitt

      Organic Ink



cover Midnight, Northwest Territories
©Ika Duprass

6 ” X 8.5”
108 pages




Volume XXII Number 1 Winter 2012
Editor: Micheline Maylor

George Webber  
Patrick Lane The Ecstacy of No
Barbara Pelman The Sword
Barbara Black Herring Radio
Moth of Knives
Joanna Lilley Inside
The Piano Tuner
Xiwen Mai Visiting Cannon Beach
Juleta Severson-Baker Canyon
dee Hobsbawn-Smith Bad Bones
Steven Ross Smith Rush
Samantha Sternberg The Coming Slow
Michael Meagher Walter
Louisa Howerow The Displaced
Last Swim of the Day
Heidi Garnett A Privileged Life
Slaughter House
David Romanda slip off your name
Pamela Porter My Father’s Watch
A Story of Stone
Dvora Levin Above the Tree Line
Marlo Attagutsiak Inuktitut
Derek Beaulieu 1
Writing Tips  
Susan Plett Lose Your Favorite Lines
In Conversation  
Robin van Eck Lee Kvern Interview
Short Fiction
Terrance G. Sheppard
Queen Lizzie
Barbara Black The Plot
Creative Non-Fiction  
Lori Hahnel We All Shine On: What I Learned from John Lennon
Jessica Pia Dinner with Dad
Naomi K. Lewis Seesaw
Matthew Heiti Enter My House Justified
Barbara Parker Exposure
Robin van Eck Review: The Matter of Sylvie by Lee Kvern
Micheline Maylor Review: Particles by Martin Penny
Kate Marlow Review: Light Lifting by Alexander MacLeod
Micheline Maylor Review: the id kid by Linda Besner

      Organic Ink



©George Webber

6 ” X 8.5”
108 pages




Volume XXII Number 2 Spring / Summer 2012
Guest Editor: Stephanie Bolster
Editor: Micheline Maylor

Hernán J. Restrepo  
First Place Poetry Winner  
Pamela Porter Once, in a story
Listen to Once, in a story
Audio requires Flash Player.
Second Place Poetry Winner  
Heidi Garnett Our Black Dog Who Disappeared Two Weeks Ago
Third Place Poetry Winner  
Sylvia Adams The Bee Master’s Stag
Poetry Honourable Mentions  
Joan Shillington The Fifties
Frances Boyle Dark night, solo
First Place Prose Winner  
André John Narbonne Darren, Almost in Love
Second Place Prose Winner  
Gary Saville Easy on the City John Handcock
Third Place Prose Winner  
Jann Everard Redolent
Discovered A Little Book of Language by David Crystal
George Amabile After Sappho (Fragment 130)
Frances Boyle Best Wishes
Simon Peter Eggersten Five Veils After Noon
Richard Harrison Poem for a Crescent Moon
You Tube
Louisa Howerow Incessant Hum
Juleta Severson-Baker The Lake
Carl Svoboda Shooting Rats
Zachariah Wells Magic Men
Twelve Poppies
Michael Robert Dyet Hunting Muskie
dee Hobsbawn-Smith The Quinzie
In Conversation  
Micheline Maylor Zachariah Wells Interview
Kate Marlow Review: Practical Jean by Trevor Cole
Chase Baird Review: Better Living Through Plastic Explosives by Zsuzsi Gartner
Robin van Eck Review: For Your Tomorrow The Way of an Unlikely Soldier by Melanie Murray
Annie Vigna Review: The Boy by Betty Jane Hegerat

      Organic Ink



©Hernán J. Restrepo

6 ” X 8.5”
108 pages




Volume XXII Number 3 Fall 2012
Editor: Micheline Maylor

Michael Frey  
Tom Wayman Author’s Note:
Winter Garden Poems

Steven Artelle behind the lodestar
Coleena Fanjoy Spring Burn
Michael Fraser Wedding #1
Jeb Gaudet should’ve started earlier
Karen E. Kachra Falcons
Daniel J. Langton Back Then, Back There
Deborah Lawson DiMaggio & Monroe
Mike Madill Unresolved
Alan McMonagle Witch Woman
K. V. Skene Old Men
Portia Priegert the depressive’s manifesto
Grave of John Keats drawing
Short Fiction  
Laurie Chase Fence-line
Longhorn Cafe
Creative Non-Fiction  
Shaun Hunter Skin Deep
Listen to Skin Deep
Audio requires Flash Player.
Michelle Barker
What Fits Inside a Box
Listen to What Fits Inside a Box
Audio requires Flash Player.
Barbara Biles The Legs
Rachael Frey The Lost-Twice Legend
Lucas Hill Variation
Amy Stuart Damn Animals
Alexander Williamson The One Who Stood
Micheline Maylor Review: Ru by Kim Thúy translated by Sheila Fishman
Barbara L. Black Review: A Complete Encyclopedia of Different Types of People by Gabe Foreman
Lynn C. Fraser Review: Dancing, with Mirrors by George Amabil
Annie Vigna Review: Western Taxidermy by Barb Howard
Beth Everest Review: Any Bright Horse by Lisa Pasold

      Organic Ink



©Michael Frey

6 ” X 8.5”
108 pages




Volume XXIII Number 1 Winter 2013
Editor: Micheline Maylor

Georges Bénay  
John Wall Barger In Conversation
Skeletal Girl at the Beach
Gas Station Ballad
Michelle Barker Disabled
aJbishop Pain Management
John F. Buckley Short-Sighted
Lisa Bush Please Do Not…
Jamie Donohoe To a Poet Killing Time
Beth Everest this poem is about desire
Vivian Hansen Alfie
Walking the Cane
Jennifer Juneau An Honoured Guest
Mary Ann Moore Shiny under the Moon
Joanna Qureshi Everything’s Shaken
Martha Royea How Like The Night
Cowboy Wild  
Short Fiction  
Rona Altrows Mozart
Offshore Transaction
Michael Hanson The Supramarket
Elizabeth Boyd Sockeye Run
Michael Donoghue The Problem of Being Really Good at Names
Kyle Kinaschuk The Past as it was at the Moment it was Itself the Present
Rebecca Rosenblum Anxiety Attack
In Conversation  
Jamal Ali Pamela Porter Interview
Elaine Morin Mar’ce Merrell Interview
Kimmy Beach Review: Dying A Little by Barry Dempster
Lisa Pasold Review: Two O’Clock Creek Poems New and Selected by Bruce Hunter
Rea Tarvydas Review: What Echo Heard by Gordon Sombrowski
Annie Vigna Review: The Shore Girl by Fran Kimmel




©Georges Bénay

6 ” X 8.5”
108 pages




Volume XXIII Number 2 Spring / Summer 2013
Guest Editor: Patrick Lane

Elanor Leonne Bennett  
Poetry Winners  
First Place  
Ulrike Narwani blue and white pottery
Second Place  
Laboni Islam Bioluminescent Bay
Listen to Bioluminescent Bay
Audio requires Flash Player.
Third Place  
dee Hobsbawn-Smith At 15
Honourable Mention  
Juleta Severson-Baker Marguerite
Prose Winners  
First Place  
Chase Baird The Scream
Second Place  
Beth Everest Hanging Clothes
Third Place  
Natalie Meisner Myths of Mutton Busting
Andrew MacPherson Some topics mentioned in novels I’ve read
Percy Bysshe Shelley Quote
Jannie Edwards Ruin and Beauty
Patrick Lane Sabi
Mary-Lynn Murphy Getting to Zero
Jim Nason Haiti News
Barbara Pelman The Better Story
Marilyn Gear Pilling The Skin
Brent Raycroft S and X
Marika Smythe Francisco de Goya. The Family of the Duke
of Osuna, 1788, Museo del Prado
P. C. Vandall Full of Crow
Cassy Welburn Bull Dancer
Elana Wolff Promontory
Melinda Friesen Murdering Elegance
Chuck Lovatt Angus Breaks Free
In Conversation  
Bob Stallworthy A conversation with Alice Major about
Intersecting Sets, A Poet Looks at Science
Lynn C. Fraser Review: Duck Boy by Bill Bunn
Micheline Maylor Review: Night Eater by Patricia Young
Review: YVR by W. H. New
Shelley McAneeley Review: Floating Like the Dead by Yasuko Thanh
Review: The Selector of Souls by Shauna Singh Baldwin
Ryan Stromquist Review: I Know Who You Remind Me Of by Naomi K. Lewis
Rea Tarvydas Review: Marlarky by Anakana Schofield




©Elanor Leonne Bennett

6 ” X 8.5”
108 pages




Volume XXIII Number 3 Fall 2013
Editor: Micheline Maylor

Georges Bénay  
Evelyn Lau Invisible
Birthday Party
Manzanita, Oregon
Joan Shillington & Lynn Fraser A Conversation with Evelyn Lau
Gary Allen Tin Star
Ashley-Elizabeth Best I’d Like To Be The Subject Of Your Neck Tattoo
Dymphny Dronyk Paris — en masse
Marlene Grand Maitre Blind To Me
Carol Harvey Steski starfish
M. Travis Lane I Have Put On Mourning
Nico Mara-McKay Stoned
Stephen Maude Mayflies
Cheyenne Mullen How to Wear a Tuxedo
How to Wear Open Windows
Michael Prior Pigeon’s Blood Red
Carol Shillibeer Vehementia
Josh Stenberg turns out you still can
Matthew Walsh Someone’s Speaking in Emilie Gamelin
Listen to Someone’s Speaking
In Emilie Gamelin
Audio requires Flash Player.
Andrew MacPherson Some topics mentioned in novels I’ve read
Lynn C. Fraser Map of authors in this issue
Richard Harrison On Reading Daniel Jones and Not Writing Like Him
Jann Everard Drippin’ Lemon
Kate French Field Mice
Vincent Pagé Burn Cream
Willow Verkerk If This Closeness Meant Something
Beth Everest Review: 33 Million Solitudes by Ali Riley
Bruce Hunter Review: Tracie’s Revenge by Wade Bell
Micheline Maylor Review: Bull Head by John Vigna
Review: The Book of Marvels: A Compendium of Everyday Things by Lorna Crozier
Ryan Stromquist Review: One in Every Crowd by Ivan E. Coyote




©Georges Bénay

6 ” X 8.5”
108 pages




XXIV Number 1 Winter 2014
Editor: Micheline Maylor

Teddianne Lucius  
Samantha Baldwin

Tin Divorce in the GardenStar
John Wall Barger The Egg of the Universe
Waiting in My Pyjamas for a Long Distance Phone Call
Weyman Chan Noon Fragrance
But I’m no one
Autumn Kindelspire What You Left Behind
Shelley A. Leedah The Pantry of All There Is
Lee Valley
Gary Pierluigi Mona Lisa Smile
Autumn Richardson Across the Inland-Ice
Kevin Spenst The Opposite of Face Blindness
Ballad in Crazy Quilts
Alec Whitford Blood Coal Diamond
Jennifer Zilm A Snake is a Moving Line
Bicycle on Qing Dong Road
Sharon Drummond Chapbook Prize

Angela Simmons cellular
Lynn C. Fraser Map of authors in this issue
Andrew MacPherson Some topics mentioned in novels I’ve read
Creative Non-Fiction  
Bill Bunn Neighbourhood Alzheimer’s
Flash Fiction  
Samantha Nugent Ecology Canadiana
Chris Carleton
Chinese Library
Lori Hahnel Dominion
Taryn Thomson The Box
In Conversation  
Jamal Ali
Email Interview with Barb Howard
Micheline Maylor A Postcard Interview with Zsuzsi Gartner
Lynn C. Fraser Review: The Dead are More Visible by Steven Heighton
Bruce Hunter Review: The Last Temptation of Bond by Kimmy Beach
Annie Vigna Review: The Long White Sickness by Cecelia Fry




©Teddianne Lucius

6 ” X 8.5”
108 pages




XXIV Number 2 Spring / Summer 2014
Editor: Micheline Maylor

Contest Issue Judge Marina Endicott

Mandy Len  
Poetry WInners  
Marlene Grand Maitre
Slip the Knot
Patricia Young Too Many Guns in the House
Patricia Young Puzzle
Wendy Donawa About the Snow Queen
Cassy Welburn A Kindness of Bees
Alec Whitford Nameless Creek
Fiction Winners  
Hermine Robinson
Tipping House
Paddy Scott The Bull of Heaven
Theanna Bischoff Pear
Flash Fiction Winners  
Rhonda Parkinson
Shifting Orbit
Kevin Weisbeck Celia’s Tea
More Poetry  
Susan Braley
Coming Out
Kat Cameron The King of Stonehenge
Lynn Fraser Writing a Poem is Like Picking a Lock
S.E. Ingraham Superman’s Sheet
Laurie MacFayden before the next conversation
Richard Rathwell Where the Grass Moves
Sarah Stern On Hearing Sex in the Neighbouring Hotel Room
Wait, One More Dream
After the Stroke
Emily Ursuliak Two Kinds of Diamonds
More Fiction  
Frank Rizzuto
In Conversation  
Allan Boss and Jessica Patterson
Bruce Hunter
Review: Incarnate by Juleta Severson-Baker
Owen Percy Review: Hummingbird by John Wall Barger
Joan Shillington Review: Massacre Street by Paul Zits
Ryan Stromquist Review: Double Pregnant: Two Lesbians Make a Family by Natalie Meisner
Sabrina Uswak Review: Are You Ready to Be Lucky by Rosemary Nixon




©Mandy Len

6 ” X 8.5”




XXIV Number 3 Fall 2014
Editor: Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist

Photography Patrick McAneeley
Philip Adams
Barbara Biles Life in Cars
Anna Brooks Land of Smiles
David Menear River Water
Jacob Lee Bachinger
Little Italy
Lauren Carter Barren
Louth (1851)
George Elliott Clarke Rum: A Metaphysical Disquisition
The Liberation of Bahia Has Begun!
Orphee noir
David Eso
Tanka of Love Moving On
Not Everyone’s a Critic
Jeb Gaudet time was
Laurie D Graham Bloor and Dalton, Toronto
The Yellowhead
Emily Hockaday Cat Summer
Morning Debris
Basma Kavanagh
what sounds did the ocean make
Claire Kelly Short term Desires
Stumped by a Squat Frame
Alice Major Avarice
Fiona Mitchell Atalanta and Hippomenes
Melanie Peirluigi Dog Slaughter Truck on a Highway in Korea
Elina Petrova Yellow-Blue
Michael Prior Until I came along all the leading men were handsome
Mark Sampson lusus naturae
In Conversation  
Betty Jane Hegerat and Jamal Ali
Anna Brooks
Review: Savage Love by Douglas Glover
Andrew McPherson Review: The Dilettantes by Michael Hingston
Anne Sorbie Review: Open Letter: Women Against Violence Against Women by Sheri-D Wilson
Robin van Eck Review: Shy: An Anthology Edited by Noami K Lewis and Rona Altrows
Annie Vigna Review: Earthbound by Kenneth Radu




©Patrick McAneeley

6 ” X 8.5”




XXV Number 1 Winter 2015
Editor: Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist

Photography Rick Anderson
Darryl Joel Berger
Claws Owl
Kate French Spiders
Ariel Gordon Gilly: gaijin/Galician/ghost owl
Frank Rizzuto Twenty-Five
Kyle Smylie Pyramus and Thisbe
Thomas Wharton Filters
Creative Non-Fiction  
Robert Boschman My Prince Albert
Scott Messenger Cuba, on $25 a Night
Jill Boettger
Almost Winter Sonnet
Lauren Carter Dream
Norma Dunning Concrete Eskimo
Trappers Wife
Dorothy Field
My Father’s Hands Are Blue
Leila A. Fortier Lexica
Heather French I Will Hold Your Normal With You
gillian harding-russell 25
Marco Melfi
Mountain Brow
Knife Reminds Me
Crowded sidewalks
Angela Patane Why I Don’t Want to End Up a Housewife
Harold Rhenisch The Man With the Head of a Stage Speaks
The Return to the Trees
K.V. Skene Twenty-Five Dos and Don’ts For Deflecting Faerie Magic
In Conversation  
Jamal Ali
Email Interview with Juleta Severson-Baker
Joan Shillington Interview with Nancy Holmes
Ryan Stromquist Interview with J-Michael Fay
Vivian Hansen
Review: Seldom Seen Road by Jenna Butler
Naomi K. Lewis Review: Novelists by C.P. Boyko
J.D Mersault Review: 7 Ways to Sunday by Lee Kvern
Zachariah Wells Review: Some Dance by Ricardo Sternberg




©Rick Anderson

6 ” X 8.5”




Volume XXV Number 2 Winter 2015
Editor: Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist

Photography Adam Martinakis
Darryl Joel Berger
The Walking Fox
Michelle Barker Slices of Mackintosh Apple Observe the Morning from the Kitchen Table
Kat Cameron B-Flat Minor
Michael Fraser Grand Junction
Keith Garebian Old Griefs
Glenn Hayes Morning Routine
dee Hobsbawn-Smith 14 Ways of Looking at a Lake
Bruce Meyer The Thin Man
Amber Moore On Customers
Iris Ink
Catherine Owen What they have said and why it is not
Michael Prior Non-Fiction
Lynn Tait An Irrational Fear of Citrus Preserves
Random Dynamics of Time War and the Afterlife
Paul-André Betito Spider
Ariel Gordon Gertrude Gekkered
Joy J. Henry Commerce
Kim McCullough Eggshells and Painted Ladies
Natalie Meisner You Chubby Assassin
Dorothy Reno Canada's Breakup Guide
In Conversation  
Jamal Ali
Interview with Weyman Chan
Robin Galey
Review: House Made of Rain by Pamela Porter
Vivian Hansen Review: Kissing Keeps Us Afloat by Laurie MacFayden
Anne Sorbie Review: Pathologies: A Life in Essays by Susan Olding
Review: Bitter Lake by Marika Deliyannides
Robin van Eck Review: Palliser Suite by Caroline Russell-King




©Adam Martinakis

6 ” X 8.5”




Volume XXV Number 3 Winter 2015/2016
Guest Editor Richard Harrison

Photography Sinisa Tomic
Essays The Calgary Now Poetry Scene
Braden Beaulieu Dystopoetics: The Broken Dream of Conceptualism
Richard Harrison Poetry. Calgary. Now.
Micheline Maylor Dynamism in Diversity
Juleta Severson-Baker Poetry Now
Sheri-D Wilson From Poetry to Poverty
Bertrand Bickersteth
The Athabasca
Vivian Hansen On Jousting
Jimmy in the Rain
Richard Harrison When: A Love Poem
Confessional Poem
More Sex, More Nature - for Lisa
Sarah Howden Slutty Pumpkin
Carley Mayson Carpeted Stairs
Trust Me
Susan Plett How I Remember It
Vincent Potter Jackson is Bothered by Many Things
Kirk Ramdath Grade Seven Recess
Hyarima, Before Driving the Spanish from Trinidad
Robin van Eck
The Blue Man
Mark Canavan
Double Bluff
Niall Howell Eye Contact
In Conversation  
Jamal Ali
Interview with Sheri-D Wilson
Joan Shillington Interview with Bruce Hunter
Jamal Ali
Review: Seva by Sharanpal Ruprai
J.D. Mersault Review: Where the Nights are Twice as Long Eds David Eso and Jeanette Lynes




©Sinisa Tomic

6 ” X 8.5”




Volume XXVI Number 1 Winter 2015/2016
Editors Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist

Photography Renee Robyn
John Wall Barger Ink Burial,
Evening Walk, Tammela District, Tampere, Finland
Barry Butson Cross
Su Croll a correction to thanksgiving
Daniel Cowper Spandrel
Beth Everest i phone
cancer grows like a nest
W.M. Herring November, Late afternoon -10°C with Thin High Cloud
Sarah Beth Hopton Relentless
Rachael Kearley REM Sleep
Alice Major The Realms of Asphodel
Bell Curve
Shaun Robinson Centrifugal
Sonia Saikaley The Maiko’s Obi
Josh Stenberg Bima
Russell Thornton Sirens
At Safeway
Jeremy Bibaud
Benjamin C. Dugdale Wildrose Goes
C.E. Mandybura Saffra
Kaitlin Ruether Coal Harbour
Liam Volke How to Buy a Book
In Conversation  
Jamal Ali
Interview with Ian Williams
Dan St. Yves Interview with Sterling Hayes
Vivian Hansen
Review: House Dreams By Deanna Youngi
Crystal MacKenzie Review: On Huron’s Shore By Marilyn Gear Pilling
Annie Wesko Review: Moments of Joy By Cecelia Frey




©Renee Robyn

6 ” X 8.5”




Volume XXVI Number 2 Spring/Summer 2016
Editors Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist

Photography Jane Eaton Hamilton
Tyler Engström think of me
from under the bay bridge
Kate Flaherty Sel
Michael Fraser Daydreaming Tricia
The Union Dead
Sarah Howden Second Hand Smoke
Well, here I am
Max Layton Après Moi, Le Déluge
Ron Ostrander Old Bob’s Shadow
Susan Plett worship
Ellie Sawatzky Finlandia
Matt Sutton Waylon Taught Me Everything
Anna Brooks Penny Blossom
Sarah Butson The Dong
Annum Shah Welcome to Khyber Agency
Chris Shaw Paper Heart
Cara Violini
The Embrace
Cassy Welburn Day of the Dead
In Conversation  
Jamal Ali
Email Interview with Lauren Carter
Joan Shillington Interview with Max Layton
Dave Eso
Impeccable Regret by Judith Fitzgerald
Ken Hunt Kern by derek Beaulieu
Anne Sorbie The Shadows We Mistake for Love by Tom Wayman
Annie Wesko Clearwater by Kim McCullough
Photograph Nikki Celis




©Jane Eaton Hamilton

6 ” X 8.5”




Volume XXVI Number 3 Fall/Winter 2016
Editors Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist

Photography Tamara Pruessner
John Wall Barger

The Butterfly Copycat
Naked Woman at a Roadside Buffet
The Wonderful Hat
Marzen Czarnecka DON’T WORRY
Rayanne Doucet Alla Mia Donna
Catherine Fenwick Women Weaving
Vivian Hansen Waiting on Tables
Benjamin Herwig evening at a burnt-out school with the tenth mountain division
Fruit on a wooden table
Moira MacDougall Boreal Lungs
Gabrielle McIntire Upstairs
Vincent Potter the Singer and the waxwing
Three Thirty-Five on a School Day
Tara Dawn Solheim December 15, 2005 – Takadanobaba, Shinjyuku Prefecture, Japan
October 12, 2005 – Minami Urawa, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Juhun Bae
Jeremy Bibaud Archmime
Garrett Davis Gorgon
Rachel Laverdiere Stains
Kim Murray
In Conversation  
Jamal Ali Interview with Cassy Welburn
Jeremy Luke Hill Interview with Stephen Henighan
John Wall Barger
Cemetery Compost by Murray Reiss
Bruce Hunter The Three Sisters Bar and Hotel by Katherine Govier
Daryl Sneath The Fatalists by Patrick Blennerhassett




©Tamara Pruessner

6 ” X 8.5”




Volume XXVII Number 1 Winter 2016/2017
Editors Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist

Photography Patrick McAneeley
Nancy Holmes Paths not taken
Louisa Howerow As Acrostic After Finding Lowry’s “Delirium in Vera Cruz”
Basma Kavanagh Ode
Kyle Kinaschuk architecture II
Jeff Kochan Ninohtekatanan
Tanis MacDonald How to Be a Buzzkill
Carol L. MacKay Gift Horse
Vivian Marple Nomenclature
Richard Osler A Dream of Snow and Elephants
Angela Waldie Bear 64
Tom Wayman Sunday Night
Alec Whitford A brief History of Elkford
Breaking into Abandoned Houses
Deidre Dore Three Stories
Carin Makuz A Thinly Veiled Biography of My Childhood Which I Have Fictionalized
Emily McBride Occupation
Robert Shaw Leftovers
In Conversation  
Jamal Ali
Interview with Vivian Hansen
Robert Stallworthy Interview with Richard Harrison
Annum Shah Welcome to the Circus by Rhonda Douglas
Sabrina Uswak Meadowlark by Wendi Stewart




©Patrick McAneeley

6 ” X 8.5”




Volume XXVII Number 2 - Spring 2017
Editors Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist

Photography Mikhail Shestakov
Adrienne Adams birds population
David Alexander Watercolour
Marsha Barber My Husband Drowns the Rats
Angela Dillon Things That Are Yours
Jannie Edwards The Beginning of Seeing 3
Laurie Fuhr Field Recording
dee Hobsbawn-Smith Prairie Winter
Cornelia Hoogland Crow and His Children
matt sutton I still haven’t Learned how to Swim
Alison Wattie The 99 Steps
Jann Everard Scabby-Nosed Girl in a Bowler Hat
Sarah Frayn Just for Tonight
C.E Mandybura Timestamp
Keith Worthington Justice
Keltie Zubko The Sound of the Engine Rising
In Conversation  
Silvia Pikal 
Interview with Jeremy Bibaud
Jamal Ali   After You’ve Gone by Lori Hahnel
Silvia Pikal   Cease by Lynette Loeppky
Ryan Stromquist silent sister: the mastectomy poems by Beth Everest




©Mikhail Shestakov

6 ” X 8.5”




Volume XXVII Number 3 - Fall 2017
Editors Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist

Cover Marty Gervais
Elizabeth Bassie-Pompu
Kayleigh Cline Thought and Memory
Catherine Graham Each Scaly God Ensconced in Sec
Neil Griffin And So, Until
gillian harding-russell Raven at -40
Bill Howell The Way Things are at the Moment
Rachel Laverdiere Like their Fathers and Mothers before them
Dave Margoshes Scare crow
Slipped Away
Carley Mayson Downfall
Carol Harvey Steski angelfood cake
veronica lake
j. Alan Voke When Came the Black Flower
Winter Crazy Crazy in the Mind Mind
Carolyn Chung
Too Small and Too Fast
Leah Sandals The Geologist
Alanna Marie Scott Himalayan Blue Poppies
Nikki Celis
In Conversation  
Jeremy Luke Hill
Interview with Jesse Ruddock
Silvia Pikal Interview with Alec Whitford
Jamal Ali Settler Education by Laurie D. Graham
Beth Everest   The Book of Sensation by Sheri-D Wilson
Kyle Flemmer even this page is white by Vivek Shraya




©Marty Gervais

6 ” X 8.5”




Volume XXVIII Number 1 - Summer 2018
Editors Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist

Cover Paul Zizka
Chelsea Comeau Childhood
Myra Davies Not That Canadian
Carol Dilworth Oh, Canada!
Randi Fjeldseth Damage
Vivian Hansen Toward Hygge
Tyler Hein Bismarck on Abbott
Ilona Martonfi The Ugliest Girl
A.J. Stainsby From Prinsengracht
Mary Vlooswyk You Eat Like A Canadian Beaver
Tom Wayman Unleaded
Sebastien Wen Cow Skinner’s Son
Daniel J. Greene
K. Joy Oden Grain Swimming
Diane Terrana Catching Twilight
In Conversation  
Jamal Ali
Interview with Laurie D. Graham




©Paul Zizka

6 ” X 8.5”